Assessor for Teachers

Version: 6.1
Date: 2013-07-21
No special requirements
Windows 98/2000
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Description - Assessor for Teachers

Assess your students with style and save time. Assessor for teachers simplifies the Processes of preparing assessment plans, marking assessment tasks, recording marks, analysing results and preparing reportsTeachers use the program prepare an assessment plan, which can be typed and printed early in the course and amplified later. Each assessment tasks is given weightings which is used to calculate course marks. Assessor for Teachers helps teachers Mark tests and give feedback to their students. The task marks are entered with short question comments from a standard list and a comment on the complete task. The program adds the marks and prepares a results slip for each student which includes the assessment task, question comments and the test comment. The teacher prints the slip and attaches it to the work or emails the results to the student. The task comment carries through to the final report and the end of course comment can be prepared and edited as tasks are marked. Assessor for Teachers records marks and provides statistics about class performance. A printed summary sheet for each task shows the mark for every student in every question, and the mean and standard deviation for the task and for each question. Marks are automatically transferred to a grade book which shows a current weighted score out of 100 calculated on tasks so Far completed by the class. Marks can be shown as letter grades if desiredThe computeeer prepares data files which are used in an end of course report including the assessment plan, all task comments and an end of course comment. This report is formatted ready for printing as a Microsoft Word merge letter. An interim report can be printed at any time for one student or for the whole class. Assessor for Teachers is easy to learn. The help files include a tutorial, and fully functional files are included for a class of year 12 Economics which teaches can use as a learning tool.

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